Water jet cutting is an environmentally-friendly approach to cutting material. We cut all types of material, even thicker, and we reach the high accuracy of cutting without conicity. The dynamic head applies cut accuracy in tolerance +/- 0.08 mm (depending on the material type).

A jet of water cuts the material with a cold cut without any areas exposed to temperature or mechanical tensions, which does not create any material deformation.

Material Cutting:

Steel, coloured metal, Inox, rubber, Hardox, insulating material, carbon, ceramics, wood, manganese, improvement material, brick, polycarbonate, plastics, silicone sealants, autoclaved aerated concrete, glass, extruded polystyrene, polystyrene, grog, Teflon, titan, Toolox, artifical mass, Vitroplast, Weldox, etc.

The sole material, which cannot be cut with a water jet nor any other cutting technology, is toughened glass.

  • Max Angle: 9 degrees
  • Dimeensions: 2000x4000mm, thickness up to 200mm (variation according to the hardness of the material)


  • Completely accurate cut, no need for further treatment
  • Cutting of all types of material, even the hardest
  • Cutting elaborate and simple forms
  • Without heat exposure, no deformations and the material structure remains intact
  • We manufacture the product based on a sketch