Our wide offer of services in the field of hydraulics gets larger each year, and you can always count on our diverse stock programme, which is constantly expanded based on the market needs.

We offer a quick repair service and the production of new flexible pipes for your hydraulic system: we assist in industry stalemates in the departments of maintenance and investment as well as other industries and supporting units:

  • industry maintenance; foundry industry, plastics injection, iron plants, etc.
  • drainage and accompanying tools, machines, lorry upgrades,
  • road companies,
  • forklift maintenance,
  • excavator pipes production,
  • other programmes

We determine a suitable hydraulic pipe for the individual user and prolong the shelf life of the machine or device.

We keep approaching our users and expanding the exchange service of hydraulic pipes in case of overhauls of machines and preventive maintenance.

We greatly focus on preventive changes, since we offer top quality hydraulic pipes for this purpose, which not only prolong the machine or device shelf life, but lengthen the distances between preventive maintenance inspections and changes. This is how companies with the use of our material reduce costs in the long term in the area of maintenance and costs of product shelf life;

  • durable materials with warranty
  • less stalemates in production
  • less costs related to stalemates
  • higher added value per product

Spectrum of Hydraulic components we offer!

We guarantee improvement in production company processes by using hydraulic pipes of better quality in Slovenia.

Gates Representation

Companies that manufacture machines and devices add a reknowned title and reputation to the products by using quality hydraulic pipes for their first installation.

Distribution EATON  

  • Hydraulic hoses

    Katalog hidravličnih cevi

  • PTFE Hoses

    Teflon pipes (PTFE) are used for challenging applications and media. Pipes are resistant to high temperatures (up to 260°C or more) and aggressive fluids. As a basis, the pipes can be wavy or smooth on the inside, and on the outside coated with several layers of insulation material and different cammings (Inox camming or galvanised camming).

  • Flame Resistant Hose protection

          We offer refractory silicone protection from glass fibre and PVC protection, intended for the protection of            hydraulic pipes or Teflon pipes from hot external influences; fire, steam, alloy, etc.

  • Seamless

    We keep a large stock of seamless pipes of different diameters in steel and INOX.

  • Fittings for hydraulic hoses

    According to the use of hydraulic pipes, we can choose from the fittings of lighter or heavier duty, different conical offsets, threads and directions (levelled 45 and 90 degrees).

  • Hydraulic Quick Connect Couplings (leak free)

    The market has a great selection of different hydraulic quick couplings of various manufacturers. We have been collaborating with renowned companies in the field, and we are familiar with the quality and standards. The market increasingly uses quick couplings with a levelled surface, which are much more durable than the regular ones and their maintenance is much easier, since they lack the open spaces to accumulate dirt.

  • Hydraulic valves

    Directional Control Valves

    Pressure regulators

    Throttle valves

    Check valves

    Flow Control valves


    Hydro motors

    Gear Pumps


  • Production of Hydraulic Cylinders

    We manufacture tailored hydraulic cylinders, standard and non-standard. We have developed a special stainless cylinder with magnetic switches for the foundries.

  • Screws and equipment